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the redeemer
Black sheep have all the fun.

You remind me of who I could have been, had I been stronger and braver way back then. A million choices, though little on their own, became the heirloom of the heaviness we’ve known. You are so much more than your father’s son. You are so much more than the wars you’ve won.

Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to. They are better off without you. Arrogant boy, cause a scene like you're supposed to. They'll fall asleep without you. You're lucky if your memory remains.

But ever since I left my father, it’s much harder to know how to make my own life here when all I need is home. I don’t want to wake up lonely. I don’t want to just be fine. I don't want to keep on hoping. Forget what I had in mind.

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free. Sing me like a choir. I can be the subject of your dreams, your sickening desire. Don’t you wanna see a man up close? A phoenix in the fire. So kiss me on the mouth and set me free. But please, don’t bite.

But some boys don't listen, some boys don't listen at all. They don't ask for permission, they lack inhibitions- no walls, and they get what they want. But some boys don't know how to love.

What's my name, what's my station, oh, just tell me what I should do. I don't need to be kind to the armies of night that would do such injustice to you. Or bow down and be grateful and say "Sure, take all that you see", to the men who move only in dimly-lit halls and determine my future for me.

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Character Name: Dorian Pavus
Series: Dragon Age
Canon Point: Post Inquisition, pre-Tresspasser
Character Age: 31
Background: Here!

- Dorian goes into the past with the Inquisitor when they choose the mages.
- Dorian does not make an attempt to reconcile with his father.
- Dorian was not romanced by the Inquisitor, and did not have a relationship with the Iron Bull.

Personality: Dorian Pavus is a steadfast companion with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold. For all his faults of being raised in high society, he makes up for in genuine effort to better himself while providing intellectual and physical aid to what is right. He stays true to his ideals, and would rather live at great risk than go against what he believes.

Being raised in a country of high expectations and a restrictive lifestyle, Dorian has been rebellious since his youth. He rises above his age's academic levels in skills, but not maturity, as he often caused fights that forced his family to transfer him away from his peers several times. This carries into his young adulthood, because though Dorian performs admirably in politics and brings pride to his family, Tevinter's homophobic society prevent him from making public romantic pursuits with men. His will to ignore this and carry on as himself is troublemaking for not only his family, but he also ran the risk of self destruction with little regard for his own health.

Dorian was complacent by with skirting by in arrangements with men and avoiding his arranged marriage, up until his is kidnapped and held in his old home by his father. With their relationship already strained Dorian was already on edge, but his absolute breaking point was when he discovered his father has planned to alter his mind with blood magic. Dorian has both an intense anger and fear that anyone would rather change him than accept him as he is, but still holds a sadness that his world's views has shaped what he still believes good men to even think of such things. Dorian is not so spiteful that he would see men that have wronged him, and later shows disapproval if you condemn other characters he knows to a cruel fate when he knew their intentions to have been good once.

Upon joining the Inquisition, despite his hardship in home country, Dorian's remarks on others' views are ignorant and mildly condescending. He firmly believes slavery in Tevinter is a means of surviving and is better than living in poverty. Though joking, he remarks on how members of the party are commonfolk. He has little knowledge of how much his countrymen have stolen from elven culture, and begins to express his disappointment in misplaced apologies on behalf of his country. As custom to the rest of his peers, as his country has a longstanding war with the Qunari, he believes the race to be brutish and unintelligent.

What sets him apart from his countrymen is his willingness to see he has gone too far. Surrounding himself with those of other backgrounds, Dorian comes to acknowledge his country's faults outside of his own personal agenda. He goes from denial, to reluctant admittance of the problems (such as slavery) with uncertainty if it can be changed, to willing to make change. Dorian's remarks on others begin to come less from a place of superiority and more of a place of fondness. As a Tevene human, Dorian cannot possibly come to grasp what struggle the elves have gone through, but he comes to a place he does not make such assumptions of grandeur about his people when they have stolen so much. Ultimately, Dorian comes not to make a point of race or be so presumptuous about people's traits, especially when his own are in question.

In less personal situations, Dorian is shown often as one who finds a way to complain until the very end. No matter what climate he is in, unless he is indoors, he will claim nothing suits him. He often makes claims of how he's superior, and in dire situations, says things such as "I'm too pretty to die!". He values his life greatly, and makes it no mystery that he takes gaining knowledge quite seriously. He can't bring himself to care about other's opinions about himself in regard to his personality, as he takes great care to present himself as the best he can appear for his own sake and his own sake only.

Because of his determination to do the right thing in the Inquisition, Dorian is inspired to bring change to his own country's corruption. In contrast to a young man who only had mind for his own pursuits, Dorian grows to realize he can bring change on a larger scale, and feels he must not let it stand to go any longer for the sake of the repressed. Dorian fears to be manipulated into something he isn't, and because he stands for himself, he comes to realize his faults on his own terms.

Powers/Abilities: Dorian is a mage with his attributes in storm and inferno abilities. His specialization is Necromancer, which means he can pull life energy from enemy and spiritual energy to disorient his opponents. Additionally, mages are able to create torches and raise heavy objects out of their paths.

Power Nerfs (if applicable): I don't believe any of Dorian's abilities are capable of affecting things on a large scale. His abilities as a mage are limited to targets in combat, so the most he can do is hold his ground against multiple enemies if they aren't skilled/equipped to take him down. But if the mods would like to nerf any sort of magic, feel free!!

Inventory: Dorian has the clothes on his back and his staff. The staff does not serve anything but as a means to perform magic he is already capable of.

Incentives: Dorian will still be grieving the loss of his homeland as it became his life's purpose to bring change to it. He does not have loved ones so great it can be used as incentive, but he also won't have any motive to be uncooperative. When prompted, he would ask for momentos from home for sentimental value, ranging from his family's amulet first and foremost, to items with sigils from his country, and later to items with magical properties from the world.


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